Rarely Heard Answers

For you and a friend to be interviewed, contact  Sarah Smyth Sarah.Smyth@rarelyheardvoices.com or speak with any member of the Advisory Board.


Rarely Heard Answers, from Rarely Heard Women

To be interviewed, contact  Sarah Smyth Sarah.Smyth@rarelyheardvoices.com


This interview series, titled "Rarely Heard Answers" features two inspiring women from diverse backgrounds engaging in a Q&A session. In each episode, women take turns asking each other five thought-provoking questions, selected at random.

Target Audience:

This series is aimed at women of all ages and backgrounds interested in exploring and learning from each other’s experiences. The series seeks to foster a sense of connection and understanding through candid and relatable conversations.


  • Each episode will feature two female guests who will alternate asking and answering questions.
  • Each woman will have the opportunity to ask the other five questions drawn from a curated deck specifically designed to prompt reflection, humour, and vulnerability. Topics will cover a wide range of experiences relevant to women, including:
    • Career
    • Relationships
    • Self-discovery
    • Motherhood (optional, depending on guests)
    • Societal expectations
    • Overcoming challenges
    • Personal growth
    • Aspirations and dreams
  • Interviews will be filmed in a simple, intimate setting with the two women seated opposite each other at a table. Lighting and background will create a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  • Each episode will be about twenty minutes long, allowing for impactful responses and a meaningful exchange.

Content Strategy:

  • Provocative: Questions will be designed to challenge assumptions and encourage introspection within a short timeframe.
  • Funny: Humour will be encouraged to lighten the conversation and create a relatable atmosphere.
  • Challenging: Discussions will delve into complex issues and experiences women face, even in a shorter format.
  • Heart-searching: The series will explore emotional moments and vulnerabilities, fostering a connection with the audience.


  • The series will be featured solely within Rarely Heard Voices password protected digital space.

Overall Objective:

"Rarely Heard Answers" aims to create a space for women to share their stories, find inspiration, and connect with each other. By sparking honest and thought-provoking discussions in a tight ten-minute format, the series hopes to empower women on their unique journeys and bring forth perspectives that may not be commonly heard.